The great have a common phrase that’tommorows future lies in todays youth’. With Rogim designs being one of the great designers we formed a charity program on training girls in high school on how to take quality photos. On graduation from the program pertaken the students then venture into doing proffesional photography and eventually open their own photoshooting business.

Rogim designs officially launched the project on February with one school, Kajire girls and later on expanded to add one more school,Voi girls. So far we have trained over 50 students on the theory and basics of photography. Rogim designs is looking forward to adding three more girls schools with due time in the coming year. 

The project aimes at girl schools in the Taita Taveta County thus empowering more ladies to join the photography industry. Rogim designs is also seeking well wishers who can support us with more photography equipment with cameras being a major equipment so as to make the program more effective. 

Blogging by Lucia Muthoni Masaulu


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